Latex Mattress: Plush

by Cloud 9 Sleep Products
Save $65.00

Picking the perfect cloud sleep solution! 

You have choosen our Latex Mattress with the Plush Pattern.

The Plush is our most luxurious fabric with a quilted pattern creating a silky and soft feel. If feel and a luxurious appearance is important, this is the fabric for you. Other fabric choices include our contemporary, Swirl and our traditional fabric, Brocade.

Is the Latex mattress the best choice for me?

The Latex mattress is one of the most durable and longest lasting one you will find. The highly responsive support with the elastomeric pushback makes it a natural for people with active lifestyles consisting of kids, pets, and etc… bouncing on the bed. Our latex mattress also provides a firmer support to accommodate heavier weights or special needs for additional back support.

The Latex mattresses by Cloud 9 are optimized to provide:

  • Ultimate comfort in a responsive mattress.
  • Support for people preferring firmness to relieve aches and pains.
  • If you prefer a softer mattress, look at our unique closed cell foam mattress that has True Adaptive Support and Zero Pressure points.

First choose your mattress thickness

We recognize that different people need different sized mattresses and one size solution does not fit all! Cloud 9 provides three different mattress thickness with your comfort in mind.

Mattress Thickness  Individual Body Weight
11 in all body weights
8 in up to 265 lbs
6 in up to 185 lbs