The Altocumulus Mattress, 8" Thick

The Altocumulus Mattress, 8" Thick

8 Inch Thick Mattress (up to 265 lbs)

We recognize that different people need different sized mattresses and one size solution does not fit all! Your body weight is key to choosing a mattress thickness.

Our 8" Altocumulus mattress was designed for individuals weighing up to 265 lbs and  provide better comfort than any thickness open-celled foam mattresses offered by our competitors. The internal core of our 8" mattresses have a full 3" of blended latex added to a bottom 5" layer of foundation urethane foam to prevent "bottoming out". 

For a heavier person, Cloud 9 suggests the Cirrus mattress with 11" of thickness.

Cloud 9, 8" Altocumulus Closed Cell Foam Mattress, Plush Sale
Cloud 9, 8" Altoculumuls Latex Mattress, Plush Sale