Sleep Calm+ Mattress Protector

by Leggett & Platt
Save $6.59

The Sleep Calm + Mattress Protector is a comfortable, plastic-free, moisture-resistant barrier that will extend the performance of your mattress, while providing you and your family with a hygienic sleeping area. Did you know a mattress can increase in weight over a period of time due to sweat, dead skin cells, liquid spills, dust mites and mold build up? This can cause staining to the surface and can void most manufacture mattress warranties.

Sleep Calm + is designed with Crypton Super Fabric, a revolutionary patented fabric technology with 20-years of proven performance and used by leading health care facilities, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants worldwide to keep products sanitary, lasting longer, and staying beautiful. Different from any other, the Crypton fabric has an integrated moisture-resistant barrier that keeps liquids on the surface for easy cleanup and preventing fluids from reaching the mattress below. Sleep Calm + prevents this build up by adding an additional moisture proof layer of protection to your mattress to ensure that not only stains, but sweat and other odor causing bacteria are repelled. The moisture-resistant barrier is breathable, quiet, and comfortable, with no plastic, vinyl, PVC, or other laminated materials. The engineered barrier also protects from dust mites, pet allergens, and Silver-Ion anti-microbial technology prohibits the spread of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Liquids roll off, stains clean easily, odors won’t grab hold and the protector is machine washable and can be disinfected!

Deep corner pockets on the Sleep Calm + sheet stretch to provide an easy and sturdy fit to the mattress. The Sleep Calm + comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Material(s): Polyester & Crypton Super Fabric 
Finish: White