Closed Cell Foam Mattresses

Closed Cell Foam Mattresses

Cloud 9 Closed Cell Foam Mattress

The Closed Cell Foam mattress core provides a unique feel. Our mattresses are different than just common foam or various gel infused memory foams. Rather than sinking though an open cell foam until underlying base support is reached, the closed cell structure provides an air flotation with equal weight distribution over the entire torso. Another words… you truly get a feeling of "sleeping on a cloud".

Our mattress provides True Adaptive Support and Zero Pressure points. It captures air in the closed cells to provide broad area support rather than just blowing air out the side of the mattress as typically occurs with ordinary open cell foam used by others.

It is especially favored by lighter weight individuals and those seeking to sleep throughout the night without pains from pressure points such as the shoulder blade for side sleepers. 

  • True Adaptive Support and Zero Pressure points.
  • Closed cell structure provides an air flotation.
  • If you prefer a firmer mattress, look at our latex mattresses.
Cloud 9, 11" Cirrus Closed Cell Foam Cal King Mattress, Plush Sale