Cloud 9 Mattress

Cloud 9 Mattress

Why A Cloud 9 Mattress?

What if you could craft the perfect cloud to sleep the way you do?  Well now you can! Choose your desired Cloud 9 Unique Closed Cell Foam Mattress or our Luxurious Cloud 9 Latex Mattresses.

Both are very comfortable, however they feel very different. The closed-cell foam accommodates loads to provide a zero pressure point support. In contrast, latex has an elastomeric resilience that tends to always push back to its original shape under shifting loads.

Closed-cell foam has a very soft feel in localized areas, but it is firmer under broad loads due to the tendency to compress air in the closed-cell structure. Latex feels firmer in localized areas due to the elastomeric structure that constantly tries to push back to its original shape.

The Cloud 9 Foam Mattress provides true adaptive support to broad loads while accommodating displacement for high loads in localized areas such as the shoulder blade and hips. The closed-cell foam provides adaptive support by tending to compress air in the closed-cells as loads are applied.

The Cloud 9 Foam is a urethane-based foam in a unique closed-cell structure. In contrast, Latex is an organic product.

Cloud 9, 6" Stratus Twin Mattress, plush Sale
Cloud 9, 6" Stratus Mattress, Plush Sale